Thank You Craigslist

Thank you Craig Newmark for giving us the platform to save our father. Out of this idea, came The Flood Sisters Kidney Foundation of America where we make miracles happen everyday all across America!

Note from Craig

Hey, that’s really great, I really appreciate it! and please let me know more as this advances.


On Tue, 25 Mar 2008, Jennifer Flood wrote:

This message is for Craig-

We are three sisters that posted an ad on craigslist in the summer, August to be exact.We have now found a donor for our father thanks to craig and his wonderful free website! Also we have started a non for profit foundation to educate people on kidney disease and the benefits of finding an “altruistic donor.” Down the road, our website will entail a database where donors and patients can interact. They then will be able to obtain a living donor online through our website. It will be much like a network or community of people waiting for a new life and receiving the gift of life. We would love the opportunity to meet Craig and thank him in person. Please see the attached news clips on our story.

Best regards,
The Flood Sisters
Jennifer, Cynthia, and Heather Flood~